Friday, September 26, 2014

Buy a Pair Give a Pair

    I'm back! hope everyone had an amazing summer, sadly it came to an end, but I am back with a new post! Today I want to to talk about Warby Parker. Warby Parker was created with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective to offered designer eyewear without the designer price.Warby Parker designs their glasses in house which is great because they are able to create higher quality, better looking prescription eyewear and who doesn't love that! Read more about their story HERE.  What's even better about Warby Parker is a program they have called Buy a Pair, Give a Pair. For each pair they sell they will give one pair to someone in need. It is know that over a billion people around the word don't have access to glasses which means that 15% of the worlds population can't see properly and are not able to do basic things that some of us with  20/20 vision sometimes don't appreciate enough. To help this worldwide issue Warby Parker partners with non-profit organizations like Vision Springs to ensure that every pair of glasses sold is distribute to someone in need. So go and head over to Warby Parker they have prescription glasses and sunglasses, be sure to check out their new Fall Collection.


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