Sunday, December 12, 2010

Fall/Winter 2010 Fashion Trends

        Fall arrived a while ago but here in Sunny California it’s just barely coming in, it rains one day and next its 80 degrees the weather is weird These are just a couple of trends that I personally like and most I’ve  seen more and more each time I go shopping,  you can always find these trend at different budgets so don’t  think looking good an being in with the latest trends is going to break your bank. 

Boots: over the knee boots are a must have this fall most will be thigh high, some don’t like this because they come out as being too daring and if your style is more casual there’s over the knee boots without the high heel, they almost look like rider boots!

Leggings/Hosiery and Cardigans:  These simple items can change a look to any outfit, and most of all these are great to for layering, witch there is going to be a lot of layering this fall. You can wear legging with a tunic, long blouse, maybe a short dress. You can dress up almost anything with a cardigan put a skinny belt on and maybe a chunky necklace and you’re good to go. The possibilities are endless there is different colors, prints lengths, styles and textures you decide.

Military Style:  This has been around since last year and it still going strong. It been around for quite a while and it’s seem it here to stay a while longer YAY!!! It’s evolving into different variations in jackets, tops, dresses, bottoms and all accessories. I am looking forward to details on the shoulders.


Lace: Lace is one of the fabrics that well defines a woman, delicate dainty and strong. This adds a vintage feeling to a modern design, you will find lace in everything not just only ready to wear garments, but in accessories also in shoes.

Leather: We all know that leather jackets have been around for a while and has become a staple over the Past winter seasons, this time around not only will you see leather jackets but you will see leather dresses, shorts, leggings you have probably see leather combine with other trends and you will continue seeing it a lot this Fall/Winter.

Turtle Necks:  Yes Turtle necks are back!!! I have seen them being used as a layer item, under dresses, so if you have a dress that you love you can throw on a solid color turtle neck. There is also some that have ruffles or just a lot of volume in the neck/collar that gives it a vintage look.

Cargo Pants:  Cargo Pants falls in the military category, I love how they are practical and comfortable yet stylish and chic. You can find them in different variations weather it’s the skinny cargo pants, a more relax fit or the original baggy ones.

Clogs: Every time I see any type of clogs I think of Sweden. Clogs made an appearance in the spring and are still here this fall. If you tough that only nurses could wear clogs you are wrong!!! Clogs are very versatile you can wear them with almost anything, don’t think that these clogs are the rubber kind, they are the wooden ones they come in different styles. Some may look like booties other are the classic clogs they can come with straps as well, what makes them real edgy is the hardware weather they are studs or buckles. 

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