Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Trends for Fall 2011

 Fall is officially here even tough it doesn't feel like it since here in LA is still hot!!! anyhow these are just a few of my favorite fashion trends for this fall. I love that this fall is going to be filled with color, everyone need a little color in their life right?!?!

 60's Mod Retro anything with a boxy silhouette, or A line shapes or bold graphics.

The Peplum this instantly gives you an hour glass shape and it's very 50's I love it! 

Polka Dots, I have always loved polka dots and I am glad it still hasn't gone out of style

The Tuxedo look, this style has been around for a while ever since Yves Saint Larent bought this style back in the 60's. Now of course its more updated and more

Color Trouser: these made an appearance in the spring and has manage to make it into the fall/winter making this season more colorful!

Leather Skirt: i need to get my hands on one of course a faux leather skirt and some high waisted shorts.

Lace it will never go out of style, you can go wrong with lace. 

Slits are big this fall for gowns

Blue is going to be the color for this fall/winter. I love this color on my skin tone! you are also going to see a lot of emerald green and purple too.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The 63rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards Best Dressed

These are my top 5 pick of the best dress on the night of the Emmy's, definitely the color of the night was red, there was a lot of gorgeous red gowns!

Sofia Vergara
from Modern Family
wearing a custom Vera Wang gown in a coral red color, with chiffon draping and tulle peeking on the hem. definitely the best dress of the night!

and check out her stunning statement Colombian emerald earrings!!!

Nina Dobrev
from The Vampire Diaries
The color of the night Red! she wore a Donna Karan gown, Neil Lane stud earrings and necklace and Brian Artwood shoes.

Kelly Osbourne
Her style has change dramatically over the last few years and I am liking it! she wore a J.Mendel gown in Aubergine and Simon G jewelry

Aubrey Plaza
from Parks and Recreations
I had to do a double take when I saw her,i didn't recognize her she looked stunning! she was wearing a design by Juan Carlos Obando I think it was from his Fall 2011 collection

Minka Kelly
from the new Charlie's Angels series
wore a navy blue lace gown from Dior, I love the scallop detail and of course the back.

So who where your top favorites???

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Ramblings and thoughts: Kids on leashes?!? trend or lazy parents?

Kids on leashes really?!?!? during my resent trip to the mall I notice this particular mom who had her kid on this harness type thing with a leash, I have seen these things before but this time it caught my attention more. This mom didn't have no control over her son not even with this leash type thing, he tried running off but his mom keep pulling on the leash it kinda looked painful every time she pulled, people were just staring it was a very awkward moment. To me leashes were meant for dogs or animals NOT kids!! I know parents are afraid of having their kids run off or wonder around at big places with a lot of people, but kids shouldn't be put on those leashes and it doesn't make it any better if the harness has your kids favorite character. These contraptions have been around for years but now it seems that it has become a more popular trend or maybe because its an easy or lazy way not to loose your child! Instead of putting kids on leashes why don't you just teach them and tell them not wonder around or leave your sight in big crowds or when you go out kids do listen if you explain to them why they should or shouldn't do things, and teach them what to do if for any reason they get lost. Its always a good idea if you teach kids their parents name and maybe a phone number of course if they are old enough to talk and memorize. I remember when I was in kinder garden our teacher had us memorize of course our full names(cuz some kids answer by there nicknames) our address our phone number both our parents name if possible and our date of birth, we were told to only give this information if there was any kind of emergency. But anyways Parents don't put your kids on a leashes no matter how practical they seem, just teach your children to not wonder off when ever you go out. I remember my parents always holding my hand or telling me to not leave their sight when ever going out and I never got lost but I know not all kids are the same some are more wild than others, but hey! they are kids and they are supposed to run around scrape their knees and get dirty. Kids are supposed to do that and not be put on a leash and restrained to a point where they cant move.I am not a mom yet and I know people are going to say "what do I know about parenting?" yeah I may not know much about being a parent but I have babysat before from newborns to now teenagers so i know a thing or two but I know it's still doesn't beat having to be a parent and having sleepless nights, doing the impossible for your kids and putting your kids first over anything and anyone... so what are your toughs on these things should parents put their kids on leashes??? do you think its right?do you put your kids on leashes? and why?

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                                                  This picture just looks wrong to me....
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Oh yeah the other day I was on the make up section at Target and a woman with two adorable kids one might of been a month old( he was soo tiny!) and the other about 3 years old...she approached me to ask my opinion on foundation, we had a 15 minute convo about foundation and make up in general. But what got my attention about this woman was that she was so well put together, she had on some skinny jeans and a cute lace top with some wedges. I know some women with kids complain that they don't have enough time to dress up or put a little make up on or something so simple as to showering. To me its just an excuse, I have friends who have kids and they do a million and one things in a day and still manage to look presentable. My mom was a working mom, she used to wake up at least an 1hr earlier every morning to shower, do her hair and make up, get dress, wake us up for school, made breakfast...etc  I know that I am not a mom yet, and I bet BS from people telling me that i don't know what it's like and what not..... But I think that some women like to make up excuses, how hard is it to put on a little mascara and lips stick and wear something that isn't sweats or Pj's. This woman I meat managed with two kids and a husband ( she had on a wedding band) why can other girls right?!?! then again no ones is perfect and that just my opinion on that. I was brought up to always look presentable.. I am so going to be a stylish mom just like Victoria Beckham but with my own  by the way I loved her book That Extra Half an Inch its a must read it filled with hair, fashion, make up, pregnancy tips and so much more.

Hope you enjoyed this post of my ramblings, i know it not a fashion or a DIY post but don't worry I have some coming very soon.


Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY: Off the shoulder top

Lately I been in the mood of sewing, I been doing a lot of simple projects that I plan on posting very soon.  I made a couple of flowy off the shoulder tops that are great for the summer, yeah summer is almost over but here in LA is not leaving any time soon yay!!! I love wearing light weight flowy tops just because with this heat i don want anything clinging or skin tight I want to be able to breath!!! also lately I been wearing a lot of off the shoulder tops, I love my shoulders and I show them off  anytime I can, I think its very feminine and sexy. You don't need too show your Ta-Ta's to look sexy your shoulders and collarbone are just as sexy! anyhow hope you enjoy this post. 

 First you need your fabric any knit fabric with a little spandex will do. Whenever you are using a striped fabric always make sure you match the stripes together it will make you garment look nicer. 

Next all you have to do is decide how long and how wide you want the top to be, I am usually a size small or medium, From the shoulder neck to the bottom hem mine is about 27" long (including seam allowance) the shoulders are 8" long, the sleeve opening is 8" The neckline is up to you depending on how much you want it to hang off your shoulder. The width of my top is 20.

If you are afraid of making a mistake on your fabric you can always first make a patter on paper with your measurements and then tracing it on the fabric, but this top doesn't need to be perfect, its not supposed to looked tailored nor perfect, its just a simple and casual flowy off the shoulder top. Just try to follow the shape of the picture below.....

Once you cut it and sew it, turn it right side out and it should look somrthing like this......