Friday, September 2, 2011

DIY: Off the shoulder top

Lately I been in the mood of sewing, I been doing a lot of simple projects that I plan on posting very soon.  I made a couple of flowy off the shoulder tops that are great for the summer, yeah summer is almost over but here in LA is not leaving any time soon yay!!! I love wearing light weight flowy tops just because with this heat i don want anything clinging or skin tight I want to be able to breath!!! also lately I been wearing a lot of off the shoulder tops, I love my shoulders and I show them off  anytime I can, I think its very feminine and sexy. You don't need too show your Ta-Ta's to look sexy your shoulders and collarbone are just as sexy! anyhow hope you enjoy this post. 

 First you need your fabric any knit fabric with a little spandex will do. Whenever you are using a striped fabric always make sure you match the stripes together it will make you garment look nicer. 

Next all you have to do is decide how long and how wide you want the top to be, I am usually a size small or medium, From the shoulder neck to the bottom hem mine is about 27" long (including seam allowance) the shoulders are 8" long, the sleeve opening is 8" The neckline is up to you depending on how much you want it to hang off your shoulder. The width of my top is 20.

If you are afraid of making a mistake on your fabric you can always first make a patter on paper with your measurements and then tracing it on the fabric, but this top doesn't need to be perfect, its not supposed to looked tailored nor perfect, its just a simple and casual flowy off the shoulder top. Just try to follow the shape of the picture below.....

Once you cut it and sew it, turn it right side out and it should look somrthing like this......


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