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2012 Latin Grammy's: Best Dressed

The 13th Annual Latin Grammy Awards were held this past Thursday night November 15  in the Mandalay bay in Las Vegas, Nevada. Of course I was glued as soon as the green carpet started to see what all the celebrities were wearing and not to mention the music performers! some of my favorite were ofcourse Pitbull who open and closed the awards along with Sensato, Prince Royce and Joan Sebastian, Jesse & Joy and so many more.....but back to the green carpet here are just a few of my favorites of the night. Most of the female celebrities were wearing neutral colors,red, black or metallic gowns and a hand full were rocking the bold lip color, red, deep reds and maroons witch I am loving for his fall/winter season! 

La 13 ª edición de los premios Grammy Latinos se celebraron el pasado jueves por la noche 15 de noviembre en el Mandalay Bay en Las Vegas, Nevada. Por supuesto que estaba pegada en cuanto la alfombra verde empezó, para ver lo que todas las celebridades llevaban puesto y sin mencionar los intérpretes musicales! algunos de mis favoritos son por supuesto Pitbull que abrio y cerro los galardones junto con Sensato, Prince Royce y Joan Sebastian, Jesse & Joy y muchos más ..... Pero volvamos a la alfombra verde aquí son sólo algunas de mis favoritas de la noche. La mayoría de las celebridades femeninas llevaban puesto colores neutros, vestidos de rojo, negro o metálico y muchas llevan el color de los labios rojos profundos y marrones que estoy encanta para esta temporada otoño / invierno!

Galilea Montijo ( Actress and TV Host) was wearing a Marchesa gown one of my favorite designers
As soon as the green carpet coverage started I was wowed by Galileas dress and I knew this was going to be by far my top favorite. who ever her stylist was did an AMAZING job, from the dress to the hair which she was wearing a braided up do, very minimal accessories, the makeup, she looked great I love the whole Greek Goddess look, she looked very elegant and feminine with out showing too much skin. 
 Galilea Montijo (actriz y presentadora de televisión) llevaba un vestido de Marchesa uno de mis diseñadores favoritos

Tan pronto como la cobertura de la alfombra verde empezó me impresione con el vestido de Galilea y sabía no iba haber otro que me gustara mas este fue mi favorito de la noche. Quien sea su estilista hizo un trabajo increíble, desde el vestido, el pelo que llevaba un trenzado recojido, accesorios muy mínimos el maquillaje, ella se veía genial me encanto el look entero de diosa griega, se veía muy elegante y femenina sin mostrar demasiada piel.
I kinda borrowed this image from her instagram just to show how beautiful the gold detailing is  from across the top part of the bodice and the sleeve cuff, I wish I could of found a picture of the back of her hair. By the way that is Alejandro Sanz (Singer-Songwriter)
tome prestada esta imagen de su Instagram sólo para mostrar la belleza del detalle de toda la parte superior del cuerpo y el brazalete de la manga, me gustaría poder encontrar una imagen de la parte posterior de su pelo. Por cierto que el que esta al lado es Alejandro Sanz (Cantautor) 

Zuria Vega (Actress)
She was wearing a design by Monique Lhuillier (FIDM Alimni)
I believe this is from her Spring 2011 collection is a pinkish nude flared tulle hem, Her hair was in loose curls and simple makeup with a pop of red lip stick. 

Zuria Vega (Actriz)

Llevaba un diseño de Monique Lhuillier (FIDM Alimni)

Creo que esto es de su colección Primavera 2011 es un dobladillo rosado desnudo tul acampanado, Su pelo estaba en rizos sueltos y maquillaje sencillo con un toque de lápiz labial rojo.

Ana Brenda Contreras (Singer and Actress)
She was wearing a design also from Monique Lhuillier (FIDM Alimni) she looked like an old Hollywood actress, very retro and once again simple make up and a bold lip.
Ana Brenda Contreras (cantante y actriz)

Llevaba un diseño también de Monique Lhuillier (FIDM Alimni) que se parecía a una antigua actriz de Hollywood, muy retro y una vez más maquillaje sencillo y un labio audaz. 
Nelly Furtado (Singer) was in an embroided nude color gown very retro and old Hollywood look
Nelly Furtado (Singer) se encontraba en un vestido bordado de color nude, muy retro y antiguo Hollywood una vez más
Lucero (Singer and Actress) wearing a metallic gown by Nicolas Felizola, she was one of the many wearing the very popular metallic trend and carried very well with minimal accesories. The back of the dress was gorgeous. 
Lucero (cantante y actriz) con un vestido metálico de Nicolas Felizola, ella era una de las muchas usando la tendencia muy popular metalizada y la llevó muy bien con accesorios mínimos. La parte posterior del vestido era precioso.

Ana Patricia Gonzales (Former Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010, entertainment correspondent)
 also wore the metalic trend with a plunging neckline and a bold marron lip.
 Ana Patricia Gonzales (Ex Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010, corresponsal de entretenimiento)

También llevaba la tendencia metálica con un escote y un labio marron

Alejandra Espinoza (former Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007,model, TV presenter)
wore a one sleeve sage green  gown with metallic details. Her hair was in a slick pony tail, very elegant and chic.
Alejandra Espinoza (ex Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007, modelo, presentadora de televisión)

Llevaba un vestido de una manga verde salvia con detalles metálicos. Tenía el pelo en una cola de caballo pulido, muy elegante y chic.

Lili Estefan (TV Host) wearing an orange red gown by Tom Ford, very simple,clean straight lines, elegant plungin neckline, sexy and not bulgar at all!
Lili Estefan (Host TV) que llevaba un vestido rojo anaranjado por Tom Ford, muy sencillo, líneas rectas limpias, elegante escote profundo, sexy sin ser bulgar!


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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Splurge Vs.Steal: Wedge Sneakers

Finally the best of both worlds! wedge sneakers witch by the way are very comfy. Wedge sneakers have come in big this fall, a lot of celebrities are wearing them from designers such as Marc Jacobs, Isabel Marant, Giuseppe Zanotti but not every one can afford the designer prices so I found a very similar pair of wedge sneakers on that look a lot like Isabel Marant's Bekket Sneakers but bit more affordable, they also have a whole selection of sneaker Here  so go checked them out!

   Isabel Marant Bekket Sneakers                               Suede Wedge Sneakers
           Find them Here                                                                              Find them Here

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Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY: Denim Lace Shorts

How many of you have Jeans that out of style or they fit like high waters? I found a couple of pairs myself while cleaning out my closet, I was about to throw them in my donation pile when I remember I saw a pin of some denim shorts with lace on Pinterest, so I got my inspiration from that picture and  I quickly took a trip to the Fashion District Downtown LA to find some lace appliques. You don't necessarily need to go out and buy lace appliques you can use lace fabric or an applique from and old garment. This was a very fast and easy DIY anyone can do it! I wanted to revamp these old Guess Foxy Flare Jeans  but you don't need to cut up your jeans, if you have a pair of denim short you want to up date you can use those. Hope everyone finds this post helpful!

            What you will need:

Denim Shorts or turn an old pair of jeans in to shorts
Lace applique
Seam ripper
Needle and thread/or sewing machine

First you have to decide if you want your shorts shorter and how much of the side seam you want to cut off. I suggest putting on the shorts and measure how high up and how wide you want the opening on the sides to be and mark it, do this on both sides. Once you have your markings make a triangle shape on the side seam. I rounded out the edges just to give it a more cleaner look.
 Side seam view....
 Once you decide how much your want to cut off go on ahead and cut. once you cut off the excess you can now start distressing the edges of your shorts. You can use a seam ripper like I did it makes it easy and you have more control on how much and how far you want to distress the edges. You can also use sand paper and a X-acto knife but I find it easier to use a seam ripper.
 Distressing the edges is time consuming, but well worth it. Of course this step  is optional.
after distressing the edges you are now ready to pin your appliques in place and sew . You can sew on the lace by hand, using a blind stitch or you can do what I did sew along the edge of where you stop distressing. 
and finally the final product....
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Year Goals

So today’s post is a little different, it’s not fashion or beauty related it’s a bit more personal…..something just to get to know the person behind the DIY’s and fashion post, more about the girl who obsessed and addicted to shoes! …. so since I am a very random person  and the other day I thought to myself OK I am 25(no one actually believes me I am 25 they always think I am way younger!..Story of my life!) Not married no kids, I finished school, started a career, I have done the whole early 20’s thing, I got board of it now what’s next??? So I wrote down what I would like to accomplish in the next five years and then decided to share some of my goals here to since this blog is part of my goals and life. So the following will be some of my five year goals and after five years I will come back and follow up! Hope everyone enjoys the post and why not leave a comment write some of your 5 years goals or write a post and link me to it!

So first I have to start off with going back in time!! I graduated High School 7 years ago at that time I kind of knew what I wanted to do, I wanted to study Fashion Design, but it was a little expensive for me since I had no money and no job, luckily a few months later I was offered a ok paying job, but I the job was only for about 3 months. 3 months that became almost 4 years of my young life!!!! So after working for 1 year I decided to give fashion school a try, and it was the best decision I have ever made. Fashion school wasn’t easy I saw a lot girls and guys drop out in our 3rd quarter, there were a lot of sleepless nights non stop sewing and drafting and being around fabric, pins and needles, studying, weekly projects, plus I still had work to worry about. If I wasn’t in school I was at work sometimes really late I think once I was at work from 8am to 8pm and the next day I had class and had to finish a project eat something in between shower and sleep for a couple of hours. To top it off somewhere halfway in my first year or beginning of 2nd year of school I was in a relationship! I had made a promise to myself when I started school of not to date until I was done with school…. yeah me and my big mouth! But I don’t regret it that relationship kind of help me figure who I was and what I wanted. Then a few months before graduation I quit my job…best decision I have ever made! I don’t know why I didn’t leave sooner?!? My health and life got way better, I wasn’t happy anymore, I wasn’t going to grow there ever, I was not going to kiss anyone ass and I wasn’t going to put my personal life in jeopardy. No one should ever stay in a place where you’re not happy.….so yeah that’s what I've been doing in the last 7 years…well obviously there’s way more things that happen in my life like births, deaths, good and bad times, times where I made bad decisions and followed by consequences and so on…..

Now for my goals for the next five years!!! Ok so right now at the moment what’s most important is my career, professionally I would like to manage a business of course in the fashion/beauty industry it’s what I love, I would love to own my own business but I think that would fall in my 10 year goals because there is a lot to do before that like pay off my student loans! Thankfully that’s the only debt I have and then I can get a place of my own  and finally have a whole bedroom  be a closet and office/work space…lol Another big one is work out more or just be more active, I don’t want to try to lose weight…I am happy with my weight but I just want to be more tone and fit oh that reminds me of a quote which I have to write it down somewhere and put it where I can always see it and remind me and help me get motivated… the quote says… “Skinny girls look good in clothes…Fit girls look good naked”…. I want to be able to run again and not get tired easily maybe even run a marathon or a half marathon, I think I should give yoga another try too but my entire goal is to feel good health wise.  I would also like for this blog to grow and evolve into something bigger , I am not sure what direction my blog will take but I am sure its heading in the DIY/Fashion direction, since I am a crafty person and I love sewing, building things and basically I just love to make anything. I want to do more outfit post because it's something I really haven’t done on here and I have a lot of ideas I have to share! I just have to find someone to take the pictures…lol but basically what I want to do with this blog is just show my creative side and show people that sometimes you just need basic things to look and feel great, inspire people in some way, my way, there are a lot of people who are already beautiful in the inside and why not help them bring all that beauty in the inside out. Sometimes it just takes a cute pair of shoes, a dress or some lipstick to make someone feel that they can conquer the world!  Something I’ve always wanted to do is travel, I would love to visit Dubai, Japan, Egypt…well If I could I would travel the whole world!!! But who knows hopefully someday?!?! But a big dream I have and I know will do it someday is to travel all over Europe and just take in all the scenery and the cool street fashion and can’t forget the Haute Couture and shopping!!! So in the next few years I plan to start traveling.  I am also a music junkie yeah maybe sometimes I don’t the name of the songs that get stuck in my head and keep singing all day but I would like to go to a couple of music festivals  like Austin City Limits, Coachella, Lollapalooza..ect.. Crossing my fingers I get to go next year to one! I always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride; I think I can do that next year  for my birthday. There is countless of things I want to do and I am working hard to achieve them and yes most of them are career related, I want to continue learning as much as I can and I don’t  want to ever stop learning and I don’t think I will ever stop. I know I said that my career is what’s most important to me right now and it is but hopefully somewhere in the next five years I’ll find someone to share my life with my best friend, the man who is going to ask my dad for my hand before proposing to me (yeah I know that sounds old fashion, but the man that will love me will do it), getting married, kids the house and all that. Aahhh I can’t wait to have kids they are going to be some stylish babies! I want  a lot of kids but  let’s  be responsible two or three would be great, but who knows first I need  to find the father of my future babies…lol  now that is going to be a challenge!….. I have always neglected  this part of my life…dating, I have done a couple of times not much, I don’t  think I am picky I just know what I want from a man, I know I have a lot to offer a man and it’s not that I haven’t found what I want it's just that maybe some men think I have so much going on and I know what I want and where I want to go, I guess that scares some of  them off, But I know I will eventually find that person or maybe he will find me who knows it maybe tomorrow in a year or in five years, maybe I already know him maybe he is still a complete stranger, he may be just across the street or across the world who knows  life is filled with unexpected surprises.  All I know is that whoever he is has to maybe not love but understand that fashion is part of me and my life and I will never leave it, it’s part of the package!  So there are just a couple of goals I have, I’ll be back in five years to see what I have accomplished.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Wholesale Halloween Costumes Review for 2012

Hello Dolls!
    Today's post is a review.....a costume review I know Halloween is still a few months away but you can never be too prepared! I was given the opportunity to choose from a wide range of costumes from Wholesale Halloween Costumes. They have costumes for all occasions and they even have a great selection of plus sizes costumes. like I said before they have a wide selection of costumes  Renaissance, cartoon characters, 20's, 50's, 60's 70's and 80's, Greek/Roman, couples costumes and the popular costumes for 2012. They have costumes for the whole family even for your pets! they also have props and decorations,accessories but best of all their prices are reasonable...They sell their costumes at a wholesale price! so if you are looking to save a little $$$ check them out! Oh yeah and they offer flat rate shipping of $6.90 for standard shipping and $7.90 for expedited.

So now on to my review on the costume I chose, First I really don't dress up for Halloween anymore I just rather stay home and give out candy and see all the kids with their cute and cool I actually told my younger sister if she wanted to chose one since she usually dress up and we are kind of the same size.. well

She decided on this Hippie Girl Costume from the adult costume brand Leg Avenue. Its a comes with the dress and a matching headband. Before I get into detail of the fit and sizing please be aware that this is a costume not a garment you ware everyday so the fit is not going to be like a regular garment....That said I got a size small that usually fits sizes 4-6, It's not really form fitting it was a little snug on my chest but not too tight.... this dress does have a A line shape and that's why it is not form fitting from the waist. It does fit me a little short but that can be because either because I have mile long legs ( I am really not that tall its just the  or since it is an "Adult Costume" it was meant to be short.... that and I really don't wear very very short skirts/dresses mainly because I have a wide rear not too big but just wide and most skirts fit me too short form the back! overall I do love the costume the material is thick and does not show through the colors a very vibrant, their is alot of wiggle room to accommodate all sizes specially in the underarms, one of my favorite features is that the neckline is a v cut and it has elastic all along the front and back neckline. This feature prevents the neckline fitting loose, and now I leave you with a couple of pictures.....

as you can see in this picture it is rather short but don't worry I was wearing shorts BTW the shoes I am wearing are from Payless they are from one of the designer collection called Z London and were originally $50 and got them on sale for $15!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Best Of Both Worlds!

Hello Dolls! Hope everyone is a having  great start of summer! I just wanted to share with you these new additions to my shoe collection.....If you still don't know my weakness are shoes and when I am in a shoes store for me is like walking into a candy store! I actually got these babies about a month a go, I took a trip to The Fashion District A.K.A Downtown LA and venture into Santee Alley. If you never been and don't like the big crowds go during the week as early as you can most shop open at 9am. anywho I was so overwhelmed, so many shoe shops and shoes I didn't know what to buy... I wanted every pair in display!!! so I finally decided to get  something for spring/summer that would go with mostly anything so I got these nude cork heels that remind me a lot of some heels I saw at Aldo of course the huge difference was the price!... the sneakers I already knew I was going to get because last time I was Downtown I saw them and fell in love with them, but didn't really want to go to a ATM down there.... I am always iffy about withdrawing money from those ATM' word of advice when you go to the fashion district take enough cash, all of the shops down there take cash only!! also thanks to Alex at Lola Shoetique who gave me a good deal and was very helpful, I loved that they weren't asking me every 5 seconds if i needed help and weren't following me around like most shops!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS. If you are looking for cute fashionable shoes and accessories but don't want to pay those high prices check out Fancy Steps, Fancy Step right now has some spiked loafers that I am in love with! Also check out Candy's blog  Curves Ahead Makeup from Fancy Step, I love her and her killer shoes! love how she embraces her curves, all women should love their body and not be afraid of fashion no matter what size you are... so experiment with fashion believe me it's so much fun!

If you can't get to the fashion district you can get these sneakers in a variety of colors at click HERE! and they are very inexpensive!

Like I said before Lola Shoetique is on the Santee Alley Down Town LA you cant miss it there is literally a huge sign!
Here is their Facebook Page

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY: Simple Flowy Skirt

Hope everyone is ready for summer! I sure am here in Southern California it already feels like summer which I am loving ♥
So here is a very easy to follow Do-It-Yourself skirt, it very easy I finish it in about 15-20mins, If you are a pro will be super easy and fast to finish but if you are still learning I promise it wont take a whole day or weeks like some projects. Like I said its very easy and you probably wont need more than a yard of fabric, it all depends on how full or long you want the skirt. If you want your skirt to have a fuller look use a light- medium weight woven fabric, if you want a more flowy skirt use a light -medium knit fabric. I used a non stretchy woven fabric for mine but you can use what ever you like or have.You can make the skirt as long or as short as you want and you can even make a Maxi Skirt or make a fish tail/hi low skirt have fun with the hem!
If you would like me to do a separate tutorial on how to  make a fish tail/hi low skirt  leave a post on my Facebook page an like it too!

What you need:
*Your choice of fabric about 1yard depending on how long or full you want your skirt
*Measuring Tape
*Shears (fabric scissors) or regular scissors
* Sewing Pins
*Pencil or Pen or anything to make markings on fabric
*Safety Pin
*Thread and a Sewing Machine or if you don't have a sewing machine Thread and Needle will do.

First you will need to measure around your hips(hip circumference) if your not sure where exactly your hips are just measure 7"-8" below your natural waist. Make sure to measure around the fullest/widest part of your behind, take that measurement and add 1/2" to 1" to that measurement. Example: My hip measurement is 38"+1"=39"  

Once you have your hip measurement determine how long you want you skirt,(*make sure you add more depending on the width of the elastic and hem... for the casing and hem) 
cut 2 rectangle pieces with your width and length measurements
Take your elastic and measure your waist circumference, cut the piece of elastic to your measurement minus 1 inch.

Sew the side seams, sew a 1/2" strait stitch then sew a zig-zag for a clean finish edge....

Here's a closer look at the side seams, the zig-zag stitch is optional you don't have to do it. I just like to because it prevents the fabric from fraying and to give it a cleaner finished look.

Now you will create you casing for the elastic, the width of my elastic was 1".... so I folded over 1"+1/4"...the 1/4" is to fold under for a clean finish
sew the fold and leave about a  2" opening so you can insert you elastic.

Grab your safety pin and pin it through the elastic and close the pin... insert the pin with the elastic through the casing you just careful don't let the other end go all the way through.

                 once you inserted the elastic, remove the safety pin and sew the elastic together.

Sew a square then to reinforce it sew an X inside the square. Then all you need is to close the 2" opening... and hem your skirt and you're DONE!

Finished Product

This can also be an alternative to a circle skirt!

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Dress for Less: The Little Black Dress Edition!

    Who doesn't have the very famous "Little Black Dress" in their closet, maybe you have one or ten! but we all have at least one, that go to dress that we can dress up and down. Here I found a couple of  little black dresses these are a few of my personal fav's some have cutouts others are lacey or some with mesh insets and I throw in a little more naughty and daring for those who aren't afraid......and of course me being me and always looking for the better deals I found some identical or close to identical dresses from two great sites  of course the big difference is the price $$$$.... 

(Image source Nasty and
Nasty Gal's Betty Cutout Dress Here! for $58  Vs.  GoJane's Cut-out dress Here! for $31.70


(Image source Nasty and
Nasty Gal's Ava Lace Dress Here! for $58 Vs. GoJane's Lace Tank Dress Here! for $38
You can also find this dress in coral on both sites!

                                                              (Image source Nasty and
Nasty Gal's Peplum Mesh Dress Here! for $58 Vs. GoJane's Draped Mesh Inset Dress Here!        for $36.30

        (Image source Nasty and
Nasty Gal's X Rated Dress Here! $48 Vs. GoJane's Dos Equis Mesh Dress for $38  
***while writing this post I went to link GoJane's dress and the link was not available anymore I searched the dress and it was no longer available at their site I guess it sold out quick, But i decided to leave it because I love this dress! so if you are reading this they still don't have it :( but you can always go to Nasty Gal and purchase it of course for $10 more but it still is good price right?!?!.  

So to make up for the missing link I found this colorful number, they are not the same color but the style is almost identical, neon and mint  are in this spring/summer.
(Image source Nasty and
Nasty Gal's Plunging Lace Dress Here! for $48 Vs. GoJane's Lace Dress Here! for $28.80

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Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuxedo Inspired Nail Tutorial

This is my first nail tutorial, it's very simple anyone can do it and you don't need any crazy tools! but a world of advice don't do what I did, don't drink any caffeine before you try this you don't want your hands to be shaky...oops next time I should listen to my own advise!
I got my inspiration from the photo that Zooey Deschanel tweeted while she was on her way to the Golden Globes. This is a great idea to do for prom its like dressing up your nails too!

 Here is what I used, I didn't used black and white like Zooey did I opted for a different look to my nail tuxedos.
  • Base/Top Coat
  • NYX Girl nail polish in Plain Jane
  • Kiss brush on nail art paint in blue
  • Nail Jewels
  • and a sewing pin for dotting

First you want to file down your nails and shape them, I used a glass nail file that Mont bleu sent me. to be honest I have never seen or tried a glass nail file before but I'll talk about it towards the end of the post. Next but on you base coat of choice let it dry and add your base color and let it dry before you go on to the next step.

Next you will do you basic french tip, make them as thin or thick as you prefer...

Now you are ready to draw your fancy bow ties, it really isn't rocket science all i did was draw two inverted triangles and that's it! Like I mention before stay away from caffeine before you start drawing, my bow ties don't look that off right?!?!

Now all you need is to draw the buttons, I used the flat head of a sewing pin or a toothpick but you can use what you like if you don't have a dotting tool.

Now all you need to do is to let you nails dry before you add you top coat or the color will streak id you put your top coat before let it all you draw dry... My ring finger was feeling a little extra fancy so I added nail crystals for the buttons and drew on some suspenders and Voilá the finish product!

 As I said before Mont Bleu send me a couple of goodies to review, they are known for their crystal nail files made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, They are hand crafted and they use made of Czech hardened glass are almost unbreakable and can be easily sterilized . Personally I wasn't aware that nail files could be made out of glass.. I have seen and used a variety of emery and metal nail files which won't last very long. These nail file are made to last you a very long time they claim to be  durable, re-usable, hygienic, safe, and can be used for many purposes, including hard skin removal and even filing pet claws. The best part is that they are affordable for a long lasting nail file. I have used mine a couple of times and even after i cleaned it the surface looked unused. You can find a different color, sizes and even personalized files HERE  and Mont Bleu also sale wholesale and to retailers or if you have a company they can add your logo on to them you can find more info for wholesale HERE . They don't only sale nails they have tweezers, compact mirrors, jewelry I am in love with these studs I love the cut of the crystal! they have great bedazzle items that's are great for gifts! besides sending me the swarovski crystal glass file they also send me a travel size file,  its great for on the go and it fits easily on your purse or make up bag and it has the same quality of the regular size ones.
You can find the earings Here
Tweezers Here
and of course all the different nail files Here