Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Best Of Both Worlds!

Hello Dolls! Hope everyone is a having  great start of summer! I just wanted to share with you these new additions to my shoe collection.....If you still don't know my weakness are shoes and when I am in a shoes store for me is like walking into a candy store! I actually got these babies about a month a go, I took a trip to The Fashion District A.K.A Downtown LA and venture into Santee Alley. If you never been and don't like the big crowds go during the week as early as you can most shop open at 9am. anywho I was so overwhelmed, so many shoe shops and shoes I didn't know what to buy... I wanted every pair in display!!! so I finally decided to get  something for spring/summer that would go with mostly anything so I got these nude cork heels that remind me a lot of some heels I saw at Aldo of course the huge difference was the price!... the sneakers I already knew I was going to get because last time I was Downtown I saw them and fell in love with them, but didn't really want to go to a ATM down there.... I am always iffy about withdrawing money from those ATM' word of advice when you go to the fashion district take enough cash, all of the shops down there take cash only!! also thanks to Alex at Lola Shoetique who gave me a good deal and was very helpful, I loved that they weren't asking me every 5 seconds if i needed help and weren't following me around like most shops!  Hope everyone had a great weekend!

PS. If you are looking for cute fashionable shoes and accessories but don't want to pay those high prices check out Fancy Steps, Fancy Step right now has some spiked loafers that I am in love with! Also check out Candy's blog  Curves Ahead Makeup from Fancy Step, I love her and her killer shoes! love how she embraces her curves, all women should love their body and not be afraid of fashion no matter what size you are... so experiment with fashion believe me it's so much fun!

If you can't get to the fashion district you can get these sneakers in a variety of colors at click HERE! and they are very inexpensive!

Like I said before Lola Shoetique is on the Santee Alley Down Town LA you cant miss it there is literally a huge sign!
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Curves Ahead Make up said...

Omg you wrote about me !!!! thank you so much I'm so falttered thank you so much and I'm glad I can show my message threw my blog page !!! your the best so happy to get to meet such a amazing person


Ariana said...

You are very welcome! It's important for all women to know that fashion is universal and that every one can look great. I am glad to meet such amazing people that like yourself that share the same message.