Saturday, June 2, 2012

DIY: Simple Flowy Skirt

Hope everyone is ready for summer! I sure am here in Southern California it already feels like summer which I am loving ♥
So here is a very easy to follow Do-It-Yourself skirt, it very easy I finish it in about 15-20mins, If you are a pro will be super easy and fast to finish but if you are still learning I promise it wont take a whole day or weeks like some projects. Like I said its very easy and you probably wont need more than a yard of fabric, it all depends on how full or long you want the skirt. If you want your skirt to have a fuller look use a light- medium weight woven fabric, if you want a more flowy skirt use a light -medium knit fabric. I used a non stretchy woven fabric for mine but you can use what ever you like or have.You can make the skirt as long or as short as you want and you can even make a Maxi Skirt or make a fish tail/hi low skirt have fun with the hem!
If you would like me to do a separate tutorial on how to  make a fish tail/hi low skirt  leave a post on my Facebook page an like it too!

What you need:
*Your choice of fabric about 1yard depending on how long or full you want your skirt
*Measuring Tape
*Shears (fabric scissors) or regular scissors
* Sewing Pins
*Pencil or Pen or anything to make markings on fabric
*Safety Pin
*Thread and a Sewing Machine or if you don't have a sewing machine Thread and Needle will do.

First you will need to measure around your hips(hip circumference) if your not sure where exactly your hips are just measure 7"-8" below your natural waist. Make sure to measure around the fullest/widest part of your behind, take that measurement and add 1/2" to 1" to that measurement. Example: My hip measurement is 38"+1"=39"  

Once you have your hip measurement determine how long you want you skirt,(*make sure you add more depending on the width of the elastic and hem... for the casing and hem) 
cut 2 rectangle pieces with your width and length measurements
Take your elastic and measure your waist circumference, cut the piece of elastic to your measurement minus 1 inch.

Sew the side seams, sew a 1/2" strait stitch then sew a zig-zag for a clean finish edge....

Here's a closer look at the side seams, the zig-zag stitch is optional you don't have to do it. I just like to because it prevents the fabric from fraying and to give it a cleaner finished look.

Now you will create you casing for the elastic, the width of my elastic was 1".... so I folded over 1"+1/4"...the 1/4" is to fold under for a clean finish
sew the fold and leave about a  2" opening so you can insert you elastic.

Grab your safety pin and pin it through the elastic and close the pin... insert the pin with the elastic through the casing you just careful don't let the other end go all the way through.

                 once you inserted the elastic, remove the safety pin and sew the elastic together.

Sew a square then to reinforce it sew an X inside the square. Then all you need is to close the 2" opening... and hem your skirt and you're DONE!

Finished Product

This can also be an alternative to a circle skirt!

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HeadHunted said...


If i could sew, I would follow your tutorial, but it would probably end up looking a right mess!


Sara B. C. said...

Wow, you're so talented! This is a great DIY tutorial! I'm awful at sewing, but if I ever learn how to sew, I will certainly make this skirt :) . By the way, I’ve just discovered your blog and I really like it. Would you like to follow each other via GFC? Please, let me know!

Sara from A Modern-Day Lady

Curves Ahead Make up said...

wow look at you that's awesome you made that look so easy !!! new follower loving your blog I'm from Southern California to !!! yeey

Ariana said...

Glad you found it easy to follow!

Ariana said...

Thank you soo much! Don't worry I only took one sewing class it's all about practice and trying again. Glad you like my blog thanks for following!

Ariana said...

Thank you! Oh yes Souther Californian girls! Yay!