Friday, August 17, 2012

DIY: Denim Lace Shorts

How many of you have Jeans that out of style or they fit like high waters? I found a couple of pairs myself while cleaning out my closet, I was about to throw them in my donation pile when I remember I saw a pin of some denim shorts with lace on Pinterest, so I got my inspiration from that picture and  I quickly took a trip to the Fashion District Downtown LA to find some lace appliques. You don't necessarily need to go out and buy lace appliques you can use lace fabric or an applique from and old garment. This was a very fast and easy DIY anyone can do it! I wanted to revamp these old Guess Foxy Flare Jeans  but you don't need to cut up your jeans, if you have a pair of denim short you want to up date you can use those. Hope everyone finds this post helpful!

            What you will need:

Denim Shorts or turn an old pair of jeans in to shorts
Lace applique
Seam ripper
Needle and thread/or sewing machine

First you have to decide if you want your shorts shorter and how much of the side seam you want to cut off. I suggest putting on the shorts and measure how high up and how wide you want the opening on the sides to be and mark it, do this on both sides. Once you have your markings make a triangle shape on the side seam. I rounded out the edges just to give it a more cleaner look.
 Side seam view....
 Once you decide how much your want to cut off go on ahead and cut. once you cut off the excess you can now start distressing the edges of your shorts. You can use a seam ripper like I did it makes it easy and you have more control on how much and how far you want to distress the edges. You can also use sand paper and a X-acto knife but I find it easier to use a seam ripper.
 Distressing the edges is time consuming, but well worth it. Of course this step  is optional.
after distressing the edges you are now ready to pin your appliques in place and sew . You can sew on the lace by hand, using a blind stitch or you can do what I did sew along the edge of where you stop distressing. 
and finally the final product....
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Nicoleta_B said...

Wow, Ariana!
You have golden hands. Amazing shorts and so easy to do. You are the best, girl!!!

Thx so much for following me I am happy to follow you back. And hope so much to hear often with you.


Acacia said...

Very cute shorts, and a fabulous idea! I will have to try this soon :)

Shelby Lowery said...

Love these, too bad I am too old for them now, but loved them back in my day (80's, early 90's)!!