Sunday, August 14, 2011

DIY: Americal Apparel Large Carry All Pouch

Recently I been using a lot of clutches and small purses, just because after years of hauling huge handbags weather it be for school or for everyday use, I got tired of it. I still love my oversize handbags but right now small purses and clutches are more convenient. A while back I was browsing through American Apparel and I saw they had different size leather pouches, I  really loved the large pouch because I can put as much and as little as I want and cant fold it vertically and horizontally. I am going to admit the price was a bit high, the large  pouch was around $50, yeah I wasn't going to spend $50 for a simple pouch that I can make myself. So I made one and didn't cost me a dime.....since I already had everything at

                                                     This is the final product

American Apparel Large Carry All Pouch
Price: $50
You can purchase it here they have them in different colors and sizes.

You will need:
  • light weight leather or any medium to heavy weight fabric, I used suede.
  • a zipper
  • Optional: lining fabric

First you need to decide how small or big you want you pouch, I decided to make the large one so I cut my fabric into 12 1/2 and 16 1/2 that includes seam allowance. cut both the outer shell and the lining. 

Then you will create a zipper stopper using leftover fabric from the outer shell and sew it at both ends of the zipper, My zipper was too long so I had to cut it into 16 inches long, the lenght of the pouch.

and your zipper should look like this.....

Next I started by sewing the lining fabric first on the wrong side of the zipper. ( you are going to sew the side that is 16 1/2")

Here is a closer look....

Now you are going to sew the outer shell the same way as the lining but to the top side of the zipper.

closer look.....

Now you are going to fold the lining right rides together, do the same with the outer shell fold right side together and sew all around. Leave an opening on the lining only so you can turn the pouch right side out, after you have turn it right side out hand stitch or sew on the machine the opening close.

closer look at the opening, the opening should be about 4 inches depending on the thickness of the outer shell fabric.

Final product.......



Paula said...

OMG, it's such an original idea! I love the purse and I think I'll ask my mum to make a similar one 4 me :)

Ariana said...

Thanks Paula! Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

congratss on your DIY it came out great