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Premios Juventud 2011

Quick post on my favorite best dress of  Premios Juventud 2011, For those who don't know Premios Juventud are like a Teen Choice awards but less kiddish a bit more MTV. The host were Blanca Soto and William Levy!!!! ahhh

 Before                                                                      After 

OK so everyone was shocked when they saw William Levy bald oh well its not the first time one of my men shaved their locks but no matter what you have to support them all the way.....but I prefer him with hair, but no matter what he does he will always be fine!!!!  The reason for his shave head is because he is going to be acting in a movie and leaving Novelas(soap operas) behind for a while.You are going to hear a lot about him from me because I am in love with him (just like most girls) yeah he is obviously hot, his smile melts anyone and the way his eyes look at you make you want to say yes to I also love his style.... and for those who don't know much about him No he did get to host the awards because of the whole J.Lo thing, he was famous prior to working with J.Lo in fact J.Lo had to pay him lots of ZEROS in order for him to cone out briefly in her music don't listen to what TMZ says they are always on top of things but this time it looks like they didn't do much research!!! enough of me rambling and on too..... 

 My Top Favorite Look of the Night

Alejandra Espinoza Nuestra Belleza Latina 2007 in a creation of Rosita Hurtado a bolivian designer. orange is a big trend this summer as well as color blocking and I am all over it, I am obsessed with orange,coral or anything that resembles orange. I love how her hair is up in side fishtail braid giving her a more laid back look for this type of event.   

 Ana Patricia González Nuestra Belleza Latina 2010. Just like I love bright colors I love this blush pink. I like the different details of this dress and how is very flirty and girly. The only thing i would change of the whole outfit would be the necklace since the dress already has a lot of detail something much smaller and less busy. 

 Blanca Soto (actress) and was one of the host at the awards show. Sequin and anything shiny is still in. I love how it looks on her and pulled it off  with her long lean figure...she is pretty tall! she also keeped it simple with her accessories since the dress already shines on its own she didn't need much, and if I am not mistaking Kim Kardashian also wore this dress, I believe I saw a picture of it in Kardashian Konfidential. 

Maite Perroni (actress and singer) Color blocking again! I love it, the dress is pretty simple with a peplum that is longer at the back. how hot are those shoes. the only thing missing is some accessories not much but maybe some earings or bangles would of completed her look.

 Lourdes Stephen (TV Host) I also loved this dress basically because of the hardware at the shoulder and the color is ideal for this summer and the one shoulder dress is here to stay! She also tried to do the whole color blocking thing and added purple shoes, I wouldn't of added those shoes simply because they look kind of dull and since the dress had that gold hardware it kinda didn't balance well together. Maybe it would of look much better if  it didn't had the hardware and the shoes would be a little more vibrant. I also think that if  her hair would of been up in pony tail or an half up do it would show off the dress more and lost the pearl bracelet it would of been PERFECTION!!!

 Fanny Lu(singer) in a creation of The Blonds(Phillipe and David Blond) alot of celebrities have worn their great creations like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, Rhianna, Fergi, Sarah Jessica Parker and many more. Some didn't like it, maybe because they didn't understand it, regardless I loved it! I am into the while hardware thing and all of The Blonds creation are gorgeous! 

 Dulce María (actress and singer) This year she socked everyone because in the past she has always managed to to make it in the worst dresses list, but this year it look like she managed to get a stylist and he did a great job with this white one shoulder asymmetrical dress, she took the night and won an award for the best dresses of the night! 

Now On To The Men

 Pittbull, Mr.305, Mr. Worldwide...Dale!!! just in case you didn't know who he and if you still don't you probably live under a rock! I love Pitbull he has a unique style and he styles himself, he know what fits him and what look good. He is on trend because he is wearing a striped orange shirt and orange is in this summer and I believe its also going to make it to the fall. The white linen pants ( i am not really sure but the look  pretty sheer) were great for the hot and humid weather in Florida

 William Levy(Actor) in Dolce and Gabbana, what can I say about this man everything looks good on him and I am not just saying that because I am in love with him! but because he wears the clothes, the clothes don't wear him and it helps that he was a model before he became an actor. The where many men that night the wore this type of jacket  I saw it in different tones of gray even a pink one with the black outline on the lapel and bottom part of the jacket. He pair it up with the matching vest and a simple white button down shirt. Men if you are going for a more casual and lay back look always unbutton one or two buttons on you shirt.

Prince Royce (singer) as you can see his signature thing is the fedora, I like that he is wearing the same color just in different hues and he mixed different textures and he did it quite well. You cant see in the picture but since he is young he decided to add some nice sneakers to his out fit and that sometimes can be a little tricky but he pulled it off .

Pee Wee (Singer and Actor) I believe in a mix of Versace and Dolce and Gabbana *correct me if I am wrong* He also won the award of the best dressed of the night. I have seen that the trend of the jacket in a satin material had been growing, personally I like this jacket because its fitted and the fabric isn't too shiny like others I have seen witch looks too tacky., but this is perfect he matched it up with some white pants witch i saw alot men wear them and a simple V neck T-Shirt.

Alejandro Chabán (Actor and Motivator) jacket by bolivian designer Rosita Hurtado. This guy has a great story he went from Fatty to Hottie and he motives young people to eat healthy and stay in shape in a healthy way. He went with a more formal look but still looks kind of laid back  as you can see hes is also wearing a fitting jacket with black outline on the lapel and a simple white button down.

 Aarón Díaz (Actor and Singer?!?! yeah believe me he should just focus on acting)  He has a very laid back look again a fitted jacket with a white wife beater and pants. The vintage boots for me were a little too much , i love vintage but I don't think it works for this look.

 .......and now I leave you all with a little eye candy enjoy :D

                                                                                                                                                                 Image Source: People En Español


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