Saturday, July 2, 2011

DIY:Floral Bodycon Skirt

Yay I love DIY's! I made this a couple of weeks ago after giving up my search in stores for a cute Bodycon skirt. I didn't give up because I didn't like any of the ones I saw but more on how they fitted me it seems like all the stores think we are all one size! for some reason all the skirts I tried out were too short on me or too tight.I always have problems finding skirts mainly because I have wide hips and I have junk in my trunk for a skinny girl and to top it off I have long legs. So since i have a ton of fabric I decided to make my own, I love this bright floral fabric! its perfect for the summer... I love summer!!!

First you are going to need fabric try to use a jersey knit, something that has spandex and is stretchy. What I basically did was i already had a vintage bodycon skirt from the 80's and I used it as my pattern. I turned it inside out pinned it to the fabric. Then I cut the pieces and started sewing
*NOTE: the skirt doesn't have a hem, what I did is that I folded the fabric and placed the hem of the pattern on the fold. so the skirt has basically two layers, you can do this if your fabric is light weight or sheer.


Here's the skirt is inside out, you can see that their is no hem. 
I started by sewing the sides seams with a 1/2" seam allowance following by a zig zag stitch to clean up the edges. I sewed the waistband last. 

                                Here is a closer look at the waistband inside of the skirt.

 .........and here is the finished product on. Hope you enjoyed it


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Your haul looks really great.
If you don't mind please share it with our fashion haul community.

Hope to see you around there!
xoxo :)