Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fabric Haul!

This past Tuesday I once again venture to the flea market and found fabric, mountains of fabric, most of the fabric was probably left over fabric or samples from textile companies. They had a lot of jersey and knits. I couldn't find any cottons or light weight linen so I can start making blouses with my vintage patterns I got a while back. Any who I was so excited to get all these fabrics for just $5!!! it didn't matter how many yards, the man selling it just put it in a bag for me and said it was $5 he didn't even measure it. So I was a happy camper....hopefully next trip I take he is there so I can buy more! It beats going to Michael Lavine or Mood in Downtown LA or even Joann's. So I'll be spending quality time with my sewing machine...I so have a serger in my wish list, I need one in my


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