Sunday, October 30, 2011

DIY:Turban Headband

Lately I've been into hats and headbands, I was never a hat person simply because my head is too small and most hats fit me too big but I don't let that stop me anymore. Recently I feel in love with the turban style weather it be a turban headband or just the turban it looks very bohemian. So instead of buying one that of course was not going to fit my little head I made some from left over Jersey I had. Its so easy to do and if you are a fabric hoarder like myself it will probably cost you nothing to make.

First you will need a jersey knit fabric you can also cut up an old T shirt. Cut 2 piece of fabric into 8"x24" of course it doesn't need to be perfect mine isn't.

Then you are going to fold both strips in half and sew.

Sew with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, only sew the bottom. 

Now turn the strips right side out....

and put one on top of the other making a cross or X shape.

fold one strip in half.

do the same with the other one...

The goal is to just have the two strips interlock with each other like so...

Finally you just sew the ends together and adjust if needed.

and it should like something like this......

I also made a black one. You can also add spikes to it or studs the options are endless. Hope everyone enjoyed the post.
Oh yeah I almost forgot have a good and save Halloween!



Danielle said...

This is so cute, thanks for the tutorial! Pretty makeup alao!

elizahyde said...

Thanks girl, this is way simple. love.