Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Color Denim

      Well who hasn't seen color denim lately?!?! its everywhere this spring season but color pants or denim have been around for a couple of seasons now.This spring color denim is going to be even bigger with all the new pastels colors and of course there will be a lot bright colors as well. I am pretty sure  you have seen a nameless list of celebrities wearing them and its a must have this spring and coming summer season. It definitely changes the look of the regular denim jeans. I know for a couple of people  the bright colors can be quite intimidating specially in pants. Don't be afraid to experiment with color, If you are wearing color pants for the first time start by using neutral color tops and shoes, white or black tops. But if you are a little more daring you can experiment with print tops, you can also try color blocking! I believe there are no rules in fashion yes there are principles to fashion but never rules to follow, fashion is about creating and being unique and standing out in the crowed and rocking it like it nobodys business!...lol ......I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of different color denim and celebrities wearing them too! 

 Here is a great and simple example on how to wear and accessorize with color jeans with out going overboard with color
You can find color denim at most stores or online at different price rages. You can find similar mint jeans (Here) and other bright colors of course! 


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