Friday, April 27, 2012

Tuxedo Inspired Nail Tutorial

This is my first nail tutorial, it's very simple anyone can do it and you don't need any crazy tools! but a world of advice don't do what I did, don't drink any caffeine before you try this you don't want your hands to be shaky...oops next time I should listen to my own advise!
I got my inspiration from the photo that Zooey Deschanel tweeted while she was on her way to the Golden Globes. This is a great idea to do for prom its like dressing up your nails too!

 Here is what I used, I didn't used black and white like Zooey did I opted for a different look to my nail tuxedos.
  • Base/Top Coat
  • NYX Girl nail polish in Plain Jane
  • Kiss brush on nail art paint in blue
  • Nail Jewels
  • and a sewing pin for dotting

First you want to file down your nails and shape them, I used a glass nail file that Mont bleu sent me. to be honest I have never seen or tried a glass nail file before but I'll talk about it towards the end of the post. Next but on you base coat of choice let it dry and add your base color and let it dry before you go on to the next step.

Next you will do you basic french tip, make them as thin or thick as you prefer...

Now you are ready to draw your fancy bow ties, it really isn't rocket science all i did was draw two inverted triangles and that's it! Like I mention before stay away from caffeine before you start drawing, my bow ties don't look that off right?!?!

Now all you need is to draw the buttons, I used the flat head of a sewing pin or a toothpick but you can use what you like if you don't have a dotting tool.

Now all you need to do is to let you nails dry before you add you top coat or the color will streak id you put your top coat before let it all you draw dry... My ring finger was feeling a little extra fancy so I added nail crystals for the buttons and drew on some suspenders and Voilá the finish product!

 As I said before Mont Bleu send me a couple of goodies to review, they are known for their crystal nail files made with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, They are hand crafted and they use made of Czech hardened glass are almost unbreakable and can be easily sterilized . Personally I wasn't aware that nail files could be made out of glass.. I have seen and used a variety of emery and metal nail files which won't last very long. These nail file are made to last you a very long time they claim to be  durable, re-usable, hygienic, safe, and can be used for many purposes, including hard skin removal and even filing pet claws. The best part is that they are affordable for a long lasting nail file. I have used mine a couple of times and even after i cleaned it the surface looked unused. You can find a different color, sizes and even personalized files HERE  and Mont Bleu also sale wholesale and to retailers or if you have a company they can add your logo on to them you can find more info for wholesale HERE . They don't only sale nails they have tweezers, compact mirrors, jewelry I am in love with these studs I love the cut of the crystal! they have great bedazzle items that's are great for gifts! besides sending me the swarovski crystal glass file they also send me a travel size file,  its great for on the go and it fits easily on your purse or make up bag and it has the same quality of the regular size ones.
You can find the earings Here
Tweezers Here
and of course all the different nail files Here 


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Splurge Vs. Steal: Jeffrey Campbell Cut Out Platforms

I know this is another shoe post but lets face it I cant help it I am a shoe addict! so here is another dose of Splurge Vs. Steal. The purpose of these post is to help those of  you who maybe don't have a lot to always splurge on the name brands we all LOVE♥
So here one the right is an inexpensive alternative to the Jeffrey Campbell Cut out platforms  these are from and I love them they may look heavy but they are actually super light weight.  and on the left we have the Jeffrey Campbell Pauline and Dominique spike platforms that you can find at I love Nasty Gal! I have purchased a couple of items from them and I love them! So let me know witch of these do you like best...don't worry if you cant decide I love all them too ♥

     Jeffrey Campbell cut out platforms             cut-out wood platforms
     Find them here: Pauline platform for$168         Find them here:Cut-out woodplatform for$30                Dominique spike platform for$175