Thursday, April 14, 2011

Worst Fashion Trends/Trends I dislike

Uggs: Or as my mom calls them elephant shoes, These boots are ridiculous, yes they might be comfortable and warm and they may be great for the cold weather but if you live in Southern California  you don't need them. I have seen girls walk down the street with these in 90 degree weather and no it doesn't make it any better if you wear a skirt or shorts with them. Just because a certain celebrity started wearing them that way doesn't mean it's the latest trend, I think these wore just a fad but ill discuss the difference between a Fad and Trend in another post. Besides not liking how they look, another reason i dislike them is because of how they are made I am not going to go into detail, but you can google or search on You Tube how UGGs are made to find out. Uggs are just plain Uggly!!!

Olivia Wilde

Leggings/tights as Pants: This is another one that makes me cringe, Leggings and tights are not pants!!! yes you put them on the same way you but that doesn't mean you have to wear them like pants... leggings/tights are hosiery and they look best under dresses, tunics or any top that's covers your crotch!!!! we don't want too see any ones camel toe or underwear at least I don'  XD

Crocs: Crocks or some refer them as to clogs (which ever) these are the ugliest shoes I have seen, I have seen them before as gardening shoes, which is fine for people who work around their garden and don't want to ruin their shoes, but when people decide to wear them out in the streets that a whole other story they look awkward and then some people decide to take ugly to a whole other level by wearing them with sock!!!

Visible Thongs/G-Strings: OMG! where do I start with this....for those who don't know what I am talking about, I am referring to something like the picture above.... girls started to wear thongs/ G-Stings with their low rise jeans as soon as they saw Britney Spears wear them. some of these have rhinestones which first of all I can't imagine how uncomfortable these might have been, and second eww keep your underwear  under your clothes!!!!

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