Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fad Vs. Trend

What is the difference between a fad and a trend?
Fad: A fashion that  suddenly sweep into popularity, affecting a limited part of the population, and then quickly disappears.
Fads are short lived they are here today and gone tomorrow, weather its in fashion, toys, haircuts. they come with great impact and burn out fast and quietly disappear. Below are a couple of examples of different types of fads....little fact, fads are also called "miniature fashions"

80's tracksuit

Silly Bandz

Trend: is a general direction or movement. A trend can originate anywhere, and has a solid foundation that supports its growth,a fad doesn't.
Fashion Trends  usually come from several designers, top designers who in one season all decide to include specific items, color, silhouette...etc in their collections, from there leading retailers buy these trends and fashion forward customers are then wearing them and it does on from there until it gets to everyone Its very difficult to tell the difference between a trend and a fad, even the experts sometimes can't tell the

Color Blocking


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