Monday, May 30, 2011

Yard Sale, Guitar and Vintage Patterns!!!

     So this long Memorial Day weekend started out kinda good, Saturday was  relaxing, I organized my closet and put away a couple of  simple projects I made ( post coming soon). Sunday consisted of the, a little shopping which I hate shopping during any holiday because it so crowded and everyone is rushing the get to all the sales! I love a sale but if you're like me that doesn't like big crowds while you're shopping, go during the week a lot of stores have their sale items out Thursdays or Fridays ready for the weekend. OK so back to Sunday my dad and I were running errands and we we came across a big yard sale, what caught our eye were 2 guitars witch of course we got one its was a Crescent guitar for $40. Then I saw a bunch of Simplicity and McCall's patterns, most were from the 80's and they were $1 each!!! I ended up getting 3 because most of them were dress patterns and I already have a lot so I decided to get these blouse and apron patterns. I am so excited these are the first vintage patterns I own!!! I cant wait to start sewing a couple of blouses and a apron that someday I will Hope everyone had a great long weekend now I have to go back to my movie...I am watching Cadillac Records so far I am loving it! has anyone watched it???


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