Friday, June 10, 2011

Mini Haul

    Here are just a few things I purchased a couple of weeks ago on my little trip to the flea market, swamp meet or whatever you want to call it. I initially went to look for a big sturdy picture frame and left with more than a frame, story of my life! I also wanted to point out, why is it  that when you go to places like a flea market or a thrift store and you see people you know they immediately see you and run out like the damn place is on fire!!!! yeah that happen during this trip oh well they missed out on all the good stuff!...

Here is a cute messenger like bag I found on sale for $10 and a fedora I got for $10 as well because it was freaking hot and didn't want to burn my face! 

Here is a better look at the bag, it has a handle at the top and it also has a shoulder strap that I sometimes tuck in inside.

It looks small but it fits a lot of things and it has different compartments, to be exact 6 I can fit my make up bag, a book, my wallet and what ever I want to carry with me, I can carry my whole life if I needed 

These I found in table filled of different accessories and were all a $1 a piece, they had things from Forever21, Charlotte Russe and department stores.


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